Online Divorce in Alaska: Documents Preparation

Going through a divorce process can be emotionally draining. We believe that it should at least not be draining financially. Luckily, online divorce in Alaska can make the overall experience smoother and more affordable. It allows spouses to get the assistance they need to end their marriage on their own and save a lot of money on expensive attorneys and exhausting litigations.

At our company, we assist with an Alaska online divorce process by preparing your divorce documents online. Our user-friendly platform helps you complete the necessary paperwork on your own without the high costs of an attorney. We simplify the divorce procedure for qualifying individuals by choosing and filling out the needed forms for couples to apply for divorce and finalize an uncontested dissolution case pro se (representing themselves).

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Grounds for Divorce in Alaska

When filing for a traditional or online divorce in Alaska, the plaintiff must specify one of the recognized no-fault or fault-based legal grounds for divorce in Alaska.

Fault-based grounds for divorce in Alaska outlined in the AS § 25.24.050 include:

  1. Adultery;
  2. Cruel/inhuman treatment;
  3. Habitual alcoholism for at least one year;
  4. Felony conviction;
  5. Willful desertion for one year;
  6. Failure to consummate the marriage;
  7. Personal indignities;
  8. Incompatibility of temperament;
  9. Drug addiction subsequent to the marriage;
  10. Incurable mental illness requiring at least 18 months of confinement.

These grounds for divorce in Alaska need to be proven by sufficient evidence, and some have certain defenses stipulated in AS §§ 25.24.120 and 25.24.130.

However, one can file for an uncontested divorce or a mutually agreed-upon dissolution of marriage based on irremediable marriage breakdown, which is also one of the grounds for divorce in Alaska mentioned in AS § 25.24.200.

Divorce Papers in Alaska: What Forms Do You Need to File?

Whether you file for an online divorce in Alaska or a traditional one, any marriage termination process begins with submitting the proper papers for divorce to the county court. Therefore, you’ll need to prepare Alaska divorce forms specific to your case.

The standard forms for divorce in Alaska vary slightly depending on your situation but may typically include:

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage filed by both spouses. The document formally requests a divorce and provides details on the date/place of marriage, spouses’ names, grounds, and requests related to asset division, child custody, and/or alimony. Depending on your family composition, you may need a petition with children or without children.
  • Uncontested Complaint for Divorce filed by one spouse. Several variations of this form exist depending on whether you have children and/or property. Therefore, you must be extremely careful when obtaining divorce papers in Alaska online, ensuring you get the one suitable for your specific case.
  • Information Sheet presenting the court with the information about the family that must be kept in a confidential envelope.
  • Service and Diligent Inquiry Forms that depend on each individual situation. For example, Affidavit of Diligent Inquiry and Order Re: Diligent Inquiry and Notice establish proof of properly informing the respondent of the proceedings, Proof of Notice shows notice was given to the absent spouse, while Motion and Order For Alternative Service allows alternative means of service if necessary.
  • Financial Declaration form that discloses income, expenses, assets, debts, and other financial details to divide marital property fairly.
  • Child Custody Jurisdiction Affidavit that must be filed by each parent separately if minor kids are involved.
  • Forms Finalizing the Process. The final divorce forms like Divorce Findings of Fact & Conclusions and Divorce Judgment and Decree that conclude the marriage and issue other rulings also depend on whether you have children and/or property.

If you want to know how to get divorce papers online, answer a few questions on our website to see if a no-fault, full-agreement marriage dissolution is for you. We’ll take care of properly completing the appropriate divorce papers in Alaska online for your specific situation. Streamline your online divorce paperwork with ease!

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Compare Your Options for Filing for Divorce in Alaska

Divorce with a Lawyer

Divorce with an attorney who guides the case and provides legal representation may have certain risks:

  • Most expensive option
  • Least control over specifics
  • Schedule discrepancies
  • High stress levels

Do-It-Yourself Divorce

The cheapest way to file for divorce is also the most time-consuming, bearing the following challenges:

  • Necessity to research and handle the process yourself
  • Risk of getting the wrong papers
  • Extra time and cost in case of a single mistake
  • Lack of assistance and support

Online Paperwork Preparation

Divorce paperwork preparation service is a perfect assistant that offers the following benefits:

  • Easily accessible online service
  • Instructions and checklists for DIY filing steps
  • Affordable fixed fees
  • Convenience and speed

How to Fill out Alaska Divorce Papers?

Completing the paperwork is the first step in filing for divorce, no matter if you file for divorce in Alaska online or offline. Filling out all the documents thoroughly and accurately ensures the court processes your case swiftly.

Here are some useful tips on how to fill out divorce papers yourself:

  1. Gather all the necessary data like your marriage date/location, separation date, both parties’ personal details, etc. Determine which legal grounds for divorce match your situation best and what evidence can support these grounds. You will need this information to fill out the necessary divorce forms properly.
  2. Go through each form slowly, referring to the instructions. For basic information like names, dates, addresses, etc., simply insert the details accurately. With info requiring more detail, attach any corroborating documentation, evidence, or examples if allowed.
  3. Take extra care when filling out more complex sections specifying the grounds for divorce, child custody requests, financial data, or property division proposals. Flesh out the key details in these sections. Provide clear, comprehensive statements covering the relevant events, timelines, and circumstances to build your case.
  4. Review closely for typos, missing fields, or inconsistencies among the forms. Details must align across all documents. Double-check names, dates, assets lists, etc. Streamline by entering shared data like kids’ names in one master list to copy elsewhere.
  5. Use black/blue ink and write neatly, even when writing portions by hand. Leave no stray marks, crossings, or blurs. If you file for divorce in Alaska online, type attentively, avoiding misspellings and typos. Only submit legible final originals or crisp printer copies. Ensure all pages are properly titled, numbered, and one-sided as applicable.
  6. Carefully review all forms once finished to confirm accuracy and completeness across the board before signing. Improper, incomplete, or inconsistent paperwork can cause filing delays or rejection.
  7. Notarize or get necessary signatures where required. Make full copies of the full packet for your records and retain them as evidence.

While paperwork can feel overwhelming, taking it slow and steady, line-by-line, ensures you prepare error-free divorce documents. Doing a thorough job completing the forms avoids major delays down the road when filing for divorce in Alaska online or in the court clerk’s office.

Our paperwork preparation service will be of great help in completing the necessary forms for you. We also include instructions and checklists on how to file for a divorce in Alaska online, what to do before filing for divorce, and what happens after you file for divorce to walk you through the necessary steps in filing for divorce.

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How to Get a Divorce in Alaska without a Lawyer?

The process of divorce without a lawyer in Alaska varies depending on whether you have minor children together and/or marital property to divide. If you negotiate and agree on these areas amicably with your spouse, you can likely handle the paperwork and court proceedings for an uncontested divorce in Alaska or even a mutual dissolution of marriage without third-party involvement. Still, each case would have certain peculiarities.

If you want to know how to file for divorce in Alaska without a lawyer, there are several scenarios to consider:

Filing For Divorce without Children and Property

For couples with neither joint children nor sizeable assets/debts, the documentation and the entire procedure are quite straightforward. You must:

  • Establish your grounds for divorce, such as incompatibility that has led to irretrievable marriage breakdown.
  • Complete and file the necessary forms with the local court and pay the filing fee.
  • File the final set of paperwork and attend the hearing.
  • Receive the judge’s orders granting dissolution.

Filing For Divorce with Children

If you have minor children but agree completely on custody terms, the core filing process is the same as in the previous scenario. However, in addition to the basic set of divorce papers, you must also submit supplemental affidavits and proposed parenting plans detailing physical/legal custody, visitation schedules, and child support arrangements. Besides, both parents usually have to complete divorce education classes. As no disputes are involved, you can still file for a divorce without a lawyer and proceed pro se.

Filing For Divorce with Marital Property

Likewise, when dividing real estate or other joint assets and debts, spouses are required to file additional documentation itemizing everything to be distributed between them. Nevertheless, they will need to take the same steps to file for divorce as outlined in the examples above. As long as the property split is mutually accepted, it can be outlined appropriately in forms without legal counsel, enabling divorce without an attorney.

As you can see, whatever your circumstances are, you can file for a divorce without a lawyer if you qualify for a full-agreement uncontested divorce in Alaska. As long as you and your spouse consent completely on all fronts, you can likely avoid third-party involvement and high expenses on legal representation.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Alaska

A do-it-yourself divorce in Alaska is a feasible option for couples that meet eligibility requirements and agree completely on all aspects of their marriage dissolution.

Follow these key steps to know how to file for divorce by yourself:

Verify you have allowable grounds for a DIY divorce in Alaska, like incompatibility of temperament, and confirm no disputes on major issues. Besides, ensure that at least one of you is a state resident.

Consider your family situation and circumstances to gather and complete all the required forms, including the right petition/complaint, asset worksheets, parenting plans, child-related affidavits, necessary waivers, etc. You can also get your Alaska divorce papers online from our service.

Properly compile all completed forms needed for the do-it-yourself divorce in Alaska into one court-ready packet. Make copies. File for divorce in Alaska online or in person with the superior court in your Alaska jurisdiction, following local protocols.

If you file individually, serve your spouse formally with the paperwork per state laws. This step is required even for friendly, uncontested cases to show the respondent has been duly informed.

If needed, participate in any mediations, status conferences, or hearings as scheduled by the court. Answer questions on agreements reached regarding custody, support, property division, etc.

If you need support in filing divorce papers yourself, contact our online paperwork preparation service to get completed paperwork for DIY divorce in Alaska. In addition to a full package of case-specific forms, we offer step-by-step instructions on how to file your own divorce papers without any lawyers.


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To get a divorce in Alaska, you must establish state residency, determine appropriate legal grounds, complete the necessary paperwork, file with the court, serve your spouse, and attend any hearings if required before the judge issues a final decree formally dissolving your marriage.

Alaska laws do not require any mandatory separation period before filing for divorce or dissolution of marriage.

You can file for divorce in Alaska without a lawyer if you and your spouse agree completely on ending the marriage and all related issues like child custody, support, and property division.

Yes, you can file for divorce in Alaska while pregnant. The pregnancy and impending birth of a child together do not prevent legally ending the marriage. However, custody, visitation, and child support issues will be determined separately later.

The first step in a traditional or online divorce in Alaska is typically completing and filing all necessary paperwork with the Superior Court, providing grounds and details to formally request dissolution.